LACC Ingenieros 

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Its Occupational Health and Safety Policy focuses on:

- Integrating the prevention of occupational risks in the organization and the implementation of productive activities.
- Organising the human and technical resources to develop the prevention of occupational risks in the Company and assessing the risks involved in the professional activities, in order to eliminate them, and failing that, to take preventive or protective measures to control them.
- Planning of actions to prevent or control the risks by setting deadlines, people in charge, resources, methods and costs.
- Training and informing employees on the policy, objectives and risks arising from their work and their prevention and protection measures.
- Providing the opportunity for employees to regularly monitor their health in light of the risks of their jobs.
- Providing appropriate work equipment for the job to be done safely.
- Analysing emergency situations to take the necessary measures for first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of workers.
- Controlling the preventive effectiveness through the review of working conditions, the activity of workers and the analysis of the causes which could produce damage to the health of workers.
- Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations for the prevention of occupational risks applicable to our activities and other requirements to which the company subscribes voluntarily.
- Spreading occupational risk prevention among all interested parties, ensuring compliance with it when operating in our workplace.
- As well as systematically and periodically defining, reviewing and updating compliance with the established Policy and the objectives of prevention of occupational risks associated to it, as part of the process of continuous performance improvement with regard to the prevention of occupational risks.